I must admit it took me a long time to write about this product. I discovered Lush's  Ro’s Argan body conditioner  at the perfec...

I must admit it took me a long time to write about this product. I discovered Lush's Ro’s Argan body conditioner at the perfect timing: when it was freezing cold in Belgium and – if I’m not mistaken – when all of a sudden there was 15 cm of snow outside. Sometimes when the weather’s alright, I skip this conditioner, but with these low temperatures lately I tend to grab for it regularly.

You can already guess by the name: Ro’s Argan contains argan oil. Some of the other ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter, brazil nut, almond oil, goji juice and cupuaca butter. It contains a small amount of parabens, but I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. From this list I can tell Ro’s Argan is full of nourishing and smoothing ingredients. Goji berries are said to fight acne and rash. I wouldn’t apply the conditioner on the face, though.

As you can see, the conditioner is actually a thick cream. You apply it on wet skin and let it sit for about two minutes. Don’t forget to rinse. No need to apply moisturizer once you get out of the shower. I think the cream spreads easily. However, you can feel a thin layer on your skin. For me, this feeling disappears 10 to 15 minutes after showering. I’ve read in other reviews that this isn’t supposed to happen and it would bother many, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I can feel my skin is protected and knowing I’ll have to face the cold – which is a hell of a job in May, it is a good thing.

The Ro’s Argan body conditioner has to be one of my favourites this time a year. I could probably buy ten of Ro’s Argan and use them all up during winter but with summer coming up, I’d rather stick to typical summer products. I’ll miss that amazing scent of roses, though! Luckily Lush has other delicious-scented products.

Have you tried Ro’s Argan?

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