My first review, finally online! I've been dying to write about a popular beauty product, but I had no idea which to pick so I decided...

My first review, finally online! I've been dying to write about a popular beauty product, but I had no idea which to pick so I decided to play safe. I do realize I'm months late with this review as most people are already familiar with the
Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my post. Better and more relevant reviews coming up, I promise.

I've been carrying this baby around for weeks now. With the exams coming up and the Belgian weather being beyond depressing, I've been looking for ways to brighten up my days. Putting some colour on my lips does the trick.

Rimmel describes Apocalips as a product that provides the lips with intense colour, but at the same time shines like a lipgloss and nourishes like a balm does. The packaging is a classic black with an edgy top and - most importantly - very practical. I love it. It also comes in handy that you can see the colour through the transparent bit at the bottom.

Apocalips in Celestial is an old pink shade (it reminds me of tulips?) that makes your lips look healthier. My lips are naturally quite pink and the lacquer enhances their colour, making them brighter with a shiny finish, just enough to stand out.
The product is easy to apply. I apply one coat, touch up some details and that's it. On cold days, I make sure to prep my lips before applying so they don't dry out. For me, Apocalips lasts about 4-5 hours until I have to apply a new coat. I'm not in the mood for bright pink lips every time though, so sometimes I press my lips together on a tissue to make them look more matte. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't take away all the shine, there's just less.

Here I'm wearing the shade Celestial with a more matte finish. I'm sorry it doesn't show that well on the picture (I tried different angles and light, still this is the best I could get), but as you can see from the lines on my bottom lip the lacquer makes my lips a brighter pink.
I really like Rimmel Apocalips! I'm a 'passive' fan of lipsticks; I love them, yet I'm extremely hesitant to put colour on my own lips. However, I've been so enthusiastic about this product that I'm planning on going on a little shopping spree soon - lip products only!

Which of Rimmel Apocalips are your favourite shades? Any other lip products you'd recommend?

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  1. ik vind het echt een heel leuk kleurtje gewoon voor overdag, neutraal maar toch met net dat tikje meer


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