It has been too long since I've done a "How I'd wear..." article! To be honest, I love writing these but I feel like somet...

It has been too long since I've done a "How I'd wear..." article! To be honest, I love writing these but I feel like something is missing. I wish I could show you some outfits I wear myself. Unfortunately I'm not really the kind of person that likes (or knows how) to pose in front of a camera. But maybe I'll convince myself to just go for it soon.

Again based on my own interests fashion wise. I like my outfits simple but slightly upgraded with accessories. Theme of today is 'sporty chic'. I've seen many fashion bloggers turn simple outfits into something badass just by adding some killer heels or bright lipstick. Here's my thoughts on the subject.


This is my favourite of all three outfits.

I have learned to love Nike's Air Max 1 sneakers not so long ago (I used to hate them, who knew?) and I feel like they can be worn with so many different styles. As you can see, I added a Lip Stylo from Hourglass Cosmetics to the set as I'm so so curious about them. When I discovered the brand, I found nothing but positive reviews about the Hourglass lipsticks so I'm eager to try them when I get the chance!
The name Norse Projects may not ring a bell, but I've been fascinated by this brand for years. Too bad their shirts/sweaters are so expensive, if not I would've definitely purchased some by now (this makes me sound horrible, I know, if I really wanted it, then I would save the money).

I also found these rad Puma wedge sneakers just now. I don't know about their quality but I think they'd be worth the buy for 90$.
more details: ppandora on

Not much to say about this outfit. And I want to call myself a writer one day, haha! As I wrote earlier in this post, I like to upgrade a simple outfit with some rad accessories and I believe this is one of those perfect examples; sporty shorts from Adidas with a pair of beautiful heels from Zara and a bit of colour - the nail polish - to contrast the black and white. Mission accomplished.

What are your thoughts on these three outfits?

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