After what had felt like ages, I finally set foot in my local Lush store again. I always feel right at home when I go there and after a c...

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After what had felt like ages, I finally set foot in my local Lush store again. I always feel right at home when I go there and after a chat with the employees and a stroll around the store I had to decide what to get this time. Tough decision.

I was in need of some pampering so I went with the BB Seaweed face mask when one of the Lushies said it would give my sensitive skin a great boost. The most striking ingredient in this fresh (!) face mask is green seaweed, which is rich of minerals and vitamins and holds anti-inflammatory qualities. Other miracle workers used in this product are ground almonds, rose absolute, honey, organic aloe vera, rosemary, olive oil. BB Seaweed is packed with soothing and hydrating ingredients and gently exfoliates when applied on the skin.

The BB Seaweed mask has been included in my skincare routine once a week for about a month now and although the experience makes me believe I'm having a little at-home spa treatment, I don't think I'll repurchase soon. Over the past week, my skin has become more irritated and I can't tell if it was caused by the face mask or not, as it's supposed to be soothing for the skin. I'll have to pay attention to which products I use to see how my skin reacts. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this product for those who want to have radiant skin without being too harsh on it with the wrong products because trust me, it does the trick.

Have you tried the BB Seaweed face mask?

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  1. oh ik hoop dat het niet dit masker is, naar het schijnt zou zeewier namelijk juist goed zijn voor je huid! hoop dat deze bad episode snel over is

    1. 't Is de laatste 2 dagen terug veel verbeterd, kan ook aan mijn nieuwe foundation liggen. Het BB Seaweed masker op zich is echt super, vooral het zalige gevoel wanneer je het op hebt!

  2. Thank you for reviewing this product. I've been looking into purchasing either this or love lettuce and this review helped.
    I hope your skin feels better after the irritation. Did you find out if it was indeed the mask that caused this?

    1. My skin recovered pretty quickly after writing this article. I had just switched to a new foundation, so that could've caused some of the irritation too. I loved the BB Seaweed mask, though! It felt so good on the skin. Maybe I'll have to repurchase just to find out if it WAS the mask or not...

      Glad I could help! Feel free to let me know if you buy this or another face mask from Lush and if you liked it!


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