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A great wardrobe often takes years and years to achieve, but the best way to do so is to collect the perfect basics before reaching out ...

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A great wardrobe often takes years and years to achieve, but the best way to do so is to collect the perfect basics before reaching out for more dazzling pieces. Yours truly is all about basics and now that the plans to redecorate my bedroom are beginning to take shape, I reflected on my own style to figure out the absolute must haves for my wardrobe.
1- Button up shirt
I picked up this silky button up shirt from H&M. It's great for casual wear but also goes great on a pencil skirt for more formal occasions. I love wearing this on black skinny jeans.
2- Black chelsea boots
These just came in from New Look. They look good on so many outfits and will come in handy on cold days.
3- Faux leather jacket (not pictured)
When I tossed out my old worn-out leather jacket, I forgot how picky I am! I'm still looking for the perfect(ly fitting) faux leather jacket, two years and counting.
4- Basic knit jumper
I can't get enough of them. My wardrobe is filled to overflowing with knit jumpers and my obsession with them hasn't cooled yet. I believe everyone needs a couple good jumpers for autumn and winter, or simply for cosy nights in.
5- Nike Air Max (not pictured)
Sneakers - and most strikingly, Nikes - have gained a lot in popularity and I can see why. They can top off any casual outfit. I used to hate the shape of Nike Air Max sneakers; today I don't understand why, because they're the most comfortable shoes I have worn.
6- Statement jewelry
I can't say I'm the most stylish person but I do love upgrading an outfit with a beautiful necklace or bracelet. The necklace from New Look was an impulse buy which I haven't regretted a second.
7- Printed top
The top pictured was a lucky find - one of my luckiest so far. It's one of my favourites because it looks great both for casual purpose or - when combined with the right outfit - for more dressy occasions. Plus I just love the print in general.

There are loads and loads of great pieces that make a good wardrobe, but for me this is what I keep grabbing for. Tell me, what are your wardrobe staples and do you have your eye on something for autumn or winter?

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    1. Oh, die is helemaal niet speciaal hoor! maar dankjewel! :-)

  2. ooh ik ben verliefd op de laarsjes! enkellaarsjes staan echt bij alles, zeker in het zwart zeker een essential

    1. Ja he, ik vind ze ook geweldig! ze doen mij denken aan laarsjes van Acne waar ik zot van ben, ik sprong dus een gat in de lucht toen ik deze vond :D


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