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Stradivarius are   one of those brands that I love but where I've never bought anything. I have a perfectly valid excuse for that: they...

Stradivarius are one of those brands that I love but where I've never bought anything. I have a perfectly valid excuse for that: they didn't ship to Belgium. I believe their A/W collections are great and the prices are reasonable. If I were to set foot in one of their stores at this very moment, it would be a tough struggle to restrict myself to buying 5 pieces only.

Anyway, before this turns into a long 'boo hoo I can't have you'-post, here is the good news. I just found out that Stradivarius now ship to Belgium too! In other words, let the shopping begin!

Starting off with this coat. Oh man, do I adore Stradivarius coats. When I had first discovered the brand, their coats range is what first caught my eye. They remind me a lot of the Zara winter coats. By the way, Stradivarius and Zara are under the same company group, same goes for Pull & Bear, Bershka and more. Their oversized wool biker coat is made of the perfect fabric for those days when it's freezing cold. I'm curious to see if this winter will be as bad as the last one, but I think with this coat I shouldn't have to worry. I also need it for comfy reasons.

I am a sucker for knits and so when I saw this cream knit jersey, I had to put it on my wish list. The subtle zig-zag pattern makes it different from any jumper I own. I'm not sure about the texture, though. From the picture it looks warm, but the description in the online shop isn't very helpful.

Plaid is a trend this Autumn. This check print shirt reminds me of a shirt I tried on at Zara but this one's almost half the price, so I'd be a fool not to buy it.

Not sure if I'm the only one thinking, but this necklace looks more special because of the long chain. Most statement necklaces I've seen are worn close to the collar, but this kind of stands out too. I chose the scarf based on colour. It's a soft colour and I don't own a lot of clothing items in this shade.
Last but not least, let's have a look at this iPhone case. I don't own an iPhone - not even a smartphone, but the print is so pretty I had to show you.

These are my favourite picks from the A/W collection. Have you ever shopped at Stradivarius? Let me know what your favourite items are!

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  1. Wauwie! Die ketting is echt mooi zeg. Misschien ga ik hem ook wel bestellen, was naar zo eentje opzoek haha. Ja ik kocht op vakantie een leren jasje bij Stradivarius en jammer genoeg zat m'n koffer al vol.. Anders had ik nog wat meer mee kunnen nemen!

    1. Hij is inderdaad leuk! Stradivarius verkoopt veel mooie kledij, en helemaal niet zo duur. Er is een winkel in Lille (net over de grens van België naar Frankrijk) waar ik al even naartoe wil maar jammer genoeg is dat nog niet gelukt

  2. yes, great items, we love the scarf and coat!
    take a look at our blog?

    1. I'm in love with the coat! I'm actually planning a visit to the Stradivarius store in Lille (France) soon just so I can try it on first before buying.
      Alright, I'll check it out!


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