Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: La Fascinante

My first purchase at Chanel is a fact... and I fell in love.

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My first purchase at Chanel is a fact... and I fell in love.

La Fascinante (n° 38) is a cool red with a subtle hint of blue that is wearable both by day and night. It is definitely a shade that stands out but can be worn light as well just by dabbing some product on the lips. Although Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks are matte, I haven't experienced them as drying or flakey. The texture is actually really nice and feels like a non-matte lipstick would. The product glides on with one sweep. Lining the lips before applying isn't always necessary for me; La Fascinante is so easy to work with and lasts for hours.

Wearing a bold red lip was something I wouldn't dare thinking of a year ago, red didn't look good on me. I changed my mind, though, and am becoming more and more of a lipstick fan. I've added at least 3 lipsticks for this season to the collection. This Chanel is definitely my favourite though - soft texture, intense colour and stays put.

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