Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Becoming more serious about skincare means trying new brands. Enter Kiehl's . Their Ultra Facial Cleanser was my first purchase an...

Becoming more serious about skincare means trying new brands. Enter Kiehl's. Their Ultra Facial Cleanser was my first purchase and I could honestly slap myself for not getting it sooner. For months and months I had read about the brand and their amazing products so when I found out there's a store in Ghent - again, why just now!? - it didn't take long before I tossed out my old cleanser for one of Kiehl's bestsellers.

The Ultra Facial Cleanser is a gentle face wash that cleanses without over-drying or stripping the skin. The product comes in a minimalistic plastic packaging that is typical Kiehl's - which I like a lot! A very tiny amount is needed to cover the face and neck. I usually put some UFC the size of a pea on my fingers and quickly run some water over it, then rub my hands together to lather the product and massage it on my face. Finally I rinse with lukewarm water. I've experienced that this works better than to apply the product directly onto my (damp) face, because of its thick gel-like texture. The UFC cleanses the skin effectively, removing all makeup and dirt. Even though it doesn't dry out the skin, I always use a moisturizer afterwards - amongst other products - because my skin needs it. As a sidenote, I've been sampling 3 more Kiehl's products and this combination has improved my skin loads. Kiehl's may have just won me over. More on that later!

What's nice to know as well, is that the Ultra Facial Cleanser is fragrance-free. My sensitive skin has had quite some bad reactions to (overly-)fragranced products but I haven't had any problems with this one. Big thumbs up for that!

I think it's pretty obvious when I say this popular cleanser has made it to my favourites. I've been using Ultra Bland from Lush as well - usually in the morning - but for thorough cleansing I'll grab for the Ultra Facial Cleanser.

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  1. Deze lijkt me zo fijn en ik heb er al zo super veel goede dingen over gehoord! :) Ik vind trouwens dat je er op een fijne manier over schrijft!! X

    1. Ik las er voortdurend positieve reviews over dus ik moest hem wel proberen :D en lief, dankjewel!


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