3 beauty products that didn't work for me

Buying new beauty products for the first time can be exciting. But sometimes I forget that they don't always do what I need and tha...

Buying new beauty products for the first time can be exciting. But sometimes I forget that they don't always do what I need and that's where the following comes in: Here are 3 products I tried but decided to pass on.

1- Clinique 7-day scrub cream When an assistant at the beauty counter handed me this facial scrub from Clinique, I expected it would improve my skin if I used it weekly. I used the product during summer and didn't notice any difference so I gave up quickly. With the current cold weather my skin could definitely use a decent scrub from time to time, so I tried again. Still didn't do anything for my skin. The only change I noticed are tiny bumps on my chin that weren't there before, while the 7-day scrub cream is supposed to take away roughness.

2- Avène TriAcneal Once bitten, twice shy they say. Apparently that doesn't apply to me. When I had a huge breakout mid October after using TriAcneal, I told myself I'd get rid of this acne-fighting product. I recently decided to give it another try but the same thing happened... I applied TriAcneal on the areas that I thought needed it, but the product is just too aggressive for my skin. I am pretty disappointed, because the product is praised by so many other bloggers so I had high hopes that it would work for me, too.

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream This product isn't exactly one I wasn't pleased with, I just didn't know where else to discuss it. I bought the Rimmel BB cream thinking it'd be useful for summer but ended up skipping it because I felt like my skin didn't need it, especially when it was over 30°C outside. The lightest colour is also still a tiny bit too dark for me. Now that I'm definitely back to my pale self, I don't use the product at all and it's a pity really. I'm willing to try again, though, because the product did feel nice on the skin and I was surprised by its coverage.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have beauty products you wouldn't repurchase - could be anything, from makeup to bath products etc.?

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  1. I've used that Clinique scrub too, and I quite liked it. I found it be very gentle too, and maybe even a bit too gentle. A scrub needs to do some actual scrubbing, you know :-)

    1. Ik zie dat je ook Vlaamse bent dus ik antwoord even in het Nederlands ;) je hebt het perfect verwoord! Ik heb geen last van de scrub maar hij doet gewoon niks en dan vind ik het zonde van het geld. Ik gebruik hem nu wel op maar ga hem niet opnieuw kopen :) goed dat jij het wel een fijn product vindt!


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