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Another Lush product review, and I'm not sorry! Lush is clearly one of my favourite cosmetics brands. Not only do I love their produc...

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Another Lush product review, and I'm not sorry! Lush is clearly one of my favourite cosmetics brands. Not only do I love their products, I admire the brand's mindset and their way of communicating their beliefs to customers. I've been using their Godiva solid shampoo bar for the past four months. Of course I had to write down my thoughts for all of you to read here!

Lush offer 8 different solid shampoo bars: Godiva, Jumping Juniper, Karma Komba, New, Seanik, Soak And Float, Squeaky Green and Ultimate Shine.

What Lush says about Godiva:
For when hair is all you want to wear Solid shampoo bar with added conditioner for a richer lather. Godiva uses our patented solid shampoo base with a sexy jasmine fragrance and a host of ingredients to give a more conditioning wash.
s The most noticeable quality of this shampoo bar is that it lasts ages. I've used Godiva on and off for almost 4 months and I've still got half left. Most liquid bath products I use get spilled (I blame it on packaging), so this is a huge plus. This also justifies the price. €9.65 is a fair price for the amount of product you get.
s Godiva has a floral fragrance, as the product contains jasmine oil. One of the employees at Lush warned me some people are picky about this scent, but I like it. The Flying Fox shower gel has the same fragrance, by the way!
s The product is full of wonderful ingredients, like cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients will feed the hair and nourish the scalp.
s Godiva doesn't contain preservatives.
s No packaging. Lush took this decision in consideration for the environment.

s Since Godiva comes with no packaging, it's best to use a wooden or plastic tray where you can leave it to dry to avoid a messy bathroom.
s Lush says this shampoo is great for dry hair. When I first got it, I agreed. The shampoo did exactly what it had to do: It made my hair clean and soft. Now, I don't know if it's the weather or my hair getting too used to the product, but after a while my hair didn't feel so soft after washing anymore. I like the Godiva shampoo bar, but I wonder why my hair still feels dry when the shampoo's supposed to be conditioning.
s The scent may not be your cup of tea.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of negative things to say about Godiva. Lush did well by developing these solid shampoo bars. They are so handy, smell great and last for months. I am curious to try more of their shampoo bars once I finish this one - which won't be too soon. I'm not sure yet if I will repurchase Godiva. My dry, damaged hair needs good conditioning and maybe another Lush shampoo will help pursuing that.

Have you ever tried Lush's solid shampoo? Please tell me about your experience!

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  1. hier ben ik echt zoo benieuwd naar :D ik vind het zoiets gek solid shampoo, maar tegelijkertijd is het ook echt wel super handig

    1. Ik had 'm eerst ook puur uit nieuwsgierigheid gekocht! Maar het is een goede shampoo en als je ziet hoe lang hij meegaat is hij dan nog heel goedkoop

  2. Deze lijkt me heel fijn!

    Ik volg je :)

    1. Oh leuk, dankje! Ik kijk even om je terug te volgen

  3. never tried these bars but they look yummy. ha!

    heartbeats from VIENNA WEDEKIND

    1. haha I see what you mean! they're definitely worth trying for the price!

  4. Ik heb echt nog nooit iets van badproducten van Lush geprobeerd, misschien toch maar eens doen :D

    1. Hmm als ik je iets zou mogen aanraden: probeer nog een badbruisbal uit de kerstcollectie te bemachtigen! Ik heb er een paar geprobeerd dit jaar en er zaten zoveel leuke tussen :D

  5. Ah I haven't shopped in Lush for ages and this makes me want to go
    Lucia's Loves


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