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First, can I say how glad I am it's February? The start of the new month marks the end of my exams at university and the revival of...

First, can I say how glad I am it's February? The start of the new month marks the end of my exams at university and the revival of my social life. Because I spent most of January studying, I wasn't able to go sales shopping, but I did collect some things whenever I was in the city over the past two months. Some products weren't included in this post because I already wrote about them on the blog; think the Cranberry Joy shower gel and my new favourite perfume by Diesel.

Earliest purchase on the list is the Eau Précieuse lotion. I'd read raving reviews on it, so when I ran out of Lush toner, I decided to give Eau Précieuse a try. And yes, this magical product made my skin amazingly soft and the fresh scent is so good. However, when my skin started getting more blemishes - which is weird, considering the product promises to reduce them, I switched back to my beloved Tea Tree Water. The latest additions to my beauty collection are this limited edition of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (click *here* to read about Keep a Child Alive, the purpose they're supporting!), the Thé Vert hand cream from L'Occitane and one of Hema's Longer Lasting Lipsticks. These lipsticks have been appearing on a lot of Belgian and Dutch blogs the past week. Some bloggers say the red shade with the number '06' could pass as a dupe of MAC's Riri Woo. Reviews & even a 'battle' post on all of these products soon!

Surprisingly, I haven't bought a lot of clothes lately. I usually go sales shopping but this time the focus wasn't really on getting new clothes. When I was in Antwerp to visit a friend in December, I spotted this necklace at Pull & Bear. The ethnic print is awesome. I also got a striped jumper from Forever 21 but I forgot to include it in the picture. It's my new favourite sweater - it's warm and comfortable, and looks good on different occasions. I actually wore it on New Year's Eve when we celebrated with some friends.

I got the cobalt jumper from There have been some troubles with the delivery, though. They sent out the wrong order and now we have to wait another month for the second item to arrive... Which kind of sucks. I hate being negative about this, but I don't see the point in praising a brand when in fact they've let me down.
Has anyone ever bought from Choies? Did the delivery go well?

What are your most recent purchases?

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  1. Mooie trui en ketting!

  2. Ik ben nog steeds benieuwd naar de tea tree water! Ik denk dat ik het product voor in de zomer ga halen :)

    1. Hij is lekker fris, zeker een goed idee!


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