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I know these aren't the most summery products to write about, but hey ho, let's do this anyway. A few weeks ago my aunt handed me...

I know these aren't the most summery products to write about, but hey ho, let's do this anyway. A few weeks ago my aunt handed me some products from The Body Shop to try. When she heard how much I like the brand and remembered she had a bunch of unused products lying around, she hoped I'd get more use out of them than she did.

I got two products from the Chocomania collection. First is the Chocomania Body Scrub. While I'm not that much of a chocoholic - shocking! - I do love the aroma of chocolate and The Body Shop made this one delicious for chocolate lovers. It is really heavy so I guess you gotta love it or hate it, but for me it's fine. (Small confession: I've had to stop myself from tasting the product. That's how real it smells.) The Chocomania scrub contains salt and cane sugar, and is full of nourishing oils such as sunflower, Brazil nut and glycine soja. The products in the collection also hold a decent percentage of Community Fair Trade cocoa butter. This ingredient is great for dry skin. The scrub thoroughly exfoliates without being too harsh. My skin feels soft after using this and I feel like it helps the blood circulation, if that makes any sense? I'm thinking of buying a large pot of scrub after I finish this small one. It's a nice product to scrub with before shaving or especially after a hot summer's day.

The other product I got is the Chocomania Body Butter. Again this is enriched with cocoa butter, but also honey and most remarkably it contains a lot more essential oils than the body scrub. Quite high on the ingredients list is cetearyl alcohol. This confused me at first but after doing some research I learned that cetearyl alcohol is an emollient derived from coconut or palm tree oil and is used in cosmetics to nourish and soften skin. So it's actually good for dry skin! The texture is very creamy. Little product is needed and it absorbs into the skin easily. Like all body butters from The Body Shop, this one is ultra moisturizing. My skin feels soft and smooth after using this. The fragrance is the same as the Chocomania Body Scrub, however for me it is a lot stronger, or rather sweeter in the body butter. Personally I prefer it to be softer, especially in this season I'll skip scents that are overpowering. Like I said, either you like it or you don't...

The verdict
My final thoughts on these two products from the Chocomania collection would be that both the body scrub and the body butter are good quality products. They contain many nourishing ingredients, which is a huge plus, and do what they promise. They're great for dry to very dry skin. However, the fragrance of the body butter bothers me more than I'd expected and it's only very strong after I've applied it, which is such a shame. I don't think I'll be purchasing anything from the Chocomania collection, but after trying these, I'm definitely having a look at other body scrubs from The Body Shop. If you like the deep, sweet scent, then this collection might just be right for you! Tip: The Body Shop currently have products from the Chocomania collection on offer! Head to their website to find out if the offer is available in your country.

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