In a snowy paradise · Recap Lapland trip

1- Made a foxy friend. I wish! But I did get to see my favourite animal so I'm a happy panda. 2- Solo walks, my fave. 3- On our ...

 photo lapland-a-zoo-23_zps1fe0d03e.jpg
 photo lapland-e-saariselka-9ed_zpsa44287a3.jpg
 photo c0e3fbf9-65bd-496e-bdcb-12955a3f43a0_zps491cde37.jpg
 photo lapland-c-husky-14ed_zpsa4fbd48feded_zpsc3b5f724.jpg
 photo lapland-c-husky-3b_zpse18966baed2_zps1e9609cb.jpg
 photo lapland-b-scvillage-9_zps9f5c8cca.jpg

1- Made a foxy friend. I wish! But I did get to see my favourite animal so I'm a happy panda.
2- Solo walks, my fave.
3- On our way to a Norwegian seaside village all the way up North.
4- We visited a husky farm, where I fell in love with at least fifty huskies.
5- Just look at how excited they were when the caretaker brought out the puppies! Come on, it's PUPPIES!!
(For the record, the strange-looking pile on the left is dog food, don't you dare think those nasty thoughts now.)
6- Another breathtaking view, something I couldn't get enough of in Lapland.

In this case it is all about the pictures, not the words. A little over a month ago, I had the most wonderful week exploring the Lapland region in Northern Finland. It was a week filled with fun activities, great people and best of all, loads of snow! We were very lucky with temperatures between -5 and -10°C while still having the beautiful snowy landscapes to enjoy. And the Aurora Borealis... No words, so so unbelievable. Above is a small collection of photos - it was so hard limiting it to just these six! If you'd like to see more pictures from the trip, give a shout and I'll gladly post more.

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  1. Those pictures are stunning!

  2. ....holy SHT, THESE PHOTOS ARE SERIOUSLY STUNNING *-* (I FOR ONE, WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE). I'm a serious sucker for winter wonderlands, and I really need to visit Finland now!


    1. They were so cute!! I just wanted to hug all of them forever. And YES, you do need to visit Finland! Imo the bigger Finnish cities are boring once summer's over, so Lapland is the place to be.

      Thanks so much by the way!! I'm definitely posting more pictures later, there's still so much I want to share :o

  3. Gorgeous snaps, so beautiful! The cold sucks but oh man, the beauty of that snowy landscape totally makes up for your frozen toes and fingers, right?

    1. Thanks, Melissa!! And absolutely. Normally I can't stand cold temperatures (why did I choose to go to Finland again? :D), but for some reason it was really manageable up there! We even took a swim in the Arctic Ocean in Norway, crazy cold but not impossible :o

  4. Echt hele mooie foto's zeg! Echt prachtig. Ziet er harstikke mooi uit daar!


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