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How has 2015 been treating you so far? Looking back on the past two months I can safely say it's been a good start to the year. The mo...

Modest Mix Gent Lichtfestival 2015 ReepModest Mix Gent Lichtfestival 2015 Baudelopark

How has 2015 been treating you so far? Looking back on the past two months I can safely say it's been a good start to the year. The most fun was the lights festival in my hometown Gent a few weeks ago. The city centre had been transformed with various lights installations and fascinating art pieces for everyone to visit. I almost forgot to show you some pictures I took that weekend. I really enjoyed strolling around, looking into buildings and seeing the city in a different setting.

Modest Mix Gent Lichtfestival 2015 Wintercircus

This was located in an old building called the 'winter circus'. It was the last installation we visited on Sunday and I'm glad we did! It reminded me of a toy I used to have as a kid that projected stars on the ceiling.

Modest Mix Gent Lichtfestival 2015 Sint-Pietersplein

Now this was without a doubt the star of the festival. Digital art collective Dirty Monitor told us an impressive story which started in a medieval setting and included the elements of nature, horoscopes, futuristic features, you name it. The Game of Thrones soundtrack was even playing in the background at some point. Overall this was my favourite part of the whole tour. You can watch the projection *here* on YouTube. I totally get goosebumps on 7:40. Every. Time.

Modest Mix Gent Lichtfestival 2015

Have you ever visited an exhibition or a street festival that you found very exciting?

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  1. I am so gutted that I had to miss this, I heard from everyone who went that it was so so special, and now I see how! Thanks for this lovely post Lys, Ghent is a beautiful city but with this kind of setting it looks absolutely magical!

    THATSALEAF ⎜Beauty. Style. Lifestyle.v

    Winter Circus is BEAUTIFUL. After I post this comment I'll probably be off to watch the projection, as it really reminds me of my days in Disney World! (They had projections every night and it was just so wonderful to watch)

  3. It was quite something! I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the festival. I have a feeling the city will organize events like this more often though, since this year's edition was such a success.

  4. OMG. FINALLY! --doing a happy dance on my sofa--
    I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed watching the projection! Winter circus was awesome too! The building was huge, which made the whole thing even more impressive.

  5. Wauw dat ziet er echt te gek uit! Een vriend van mij ging er naar toe, maar ik wil er ook wel eens heen.


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