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H&M Home is coming to my hometown, Ghent! This was announced over a year ago so old news, but now it's almost here. The store wil...

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H&M Home is coming to my hometown, Ghent! This was announced over a year ago so old news, but now it's almost here. The store will be opening next Friday 13 March and is located on the corner of Langemunt and Vrijdagsmarkt. I am beyond excited to go shopping, so I decided to put together a wish list to warm up!
Being away from home for a semester abroad has given me severe homewear-shopping fever. My stay was just temporary, so there was no use in buying more than the essentials there. You wouldn't believe how often I had to hold myself back from buying a cute blanket, baking stuff or decorations when walking around in the local department store. So now that I'm back in Belgium and I still haven't finished decorating my bedroom... Right, someone hide my wallet for me!

Scented candles are my absolute favourite. I don't have the money to splurge on expensive brands like Diptyque or Byredo because after all I'm still on a student budget, but the ones from H&M look cute too and they have a 28-hour burning time. I like the 'classic' look of the black oak scented candle.

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The pineapple craze is over - I think? - yet I found this candle that is too cool to resist buying. To be honest, it's not even about the candle for me. Once used up, it could easily serve as a pen or makeup brush holder. I can't think of a second purpose for the concrete candle just yet. Maybe use it to make a terrarium for succulents? Metal wire baskets are great to keep magazines or other paperware. I'd even throw my scarves and hats in there so they are easy to reach as I go out. My first thought however - and where the idea for this wish list started - was to use the copper wire basket for blankets. I'm still on the hunt for a soft plaid blanket that's not too pricey. I spotted one also from H&M a few months ago, but it must've sold out because I can't find it online anymore. I have seen some cute bedding sets and pillow cases too, most of them very affordable! A few things I have in mind:

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What are your favourites from the H&M Home shop?

Image source: H&M Home website

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  1. Ik vind die mandjes zo tof. Ik ben ook dol op de koper trend.

  2. Oh my god I'm so jealous that you guys have H&M home like you don't even know. Kinda glad we don't have it here, because then I'd just be flat out broke. I'm currently in the process of adding bits and pieces to my home office, and I picked up a white wire basket last week (OH WAIT, IT'S ON INSTAGRAM) to store all my blankets and spare frames.


  3. Ik hou ook van koperen accenten, mooie dingen allemaal.

  4. Leuk!! Volgens mij ga ik later in mijn woning veel dingen hebben met een koperafwerking :)

  5. I didn't know you have Instagram. Going to follow you right now! The wire basket looks so cool! And yeah, good thing I'm kinda broke right now & don't have a lot of free time, otherwise I'd go to H&M Home all the time.

  6. Yes, nog een liefhebber!


    Look at us. Becoming mainstream basic b*tches LOLjks

  8. very nice :)

  9. Jaa, ik kijk ook heel hard uit naar de komst van H&M Home in Gent! Waarschijnlijk wordt het op 13 maart een zottekot, dus ik zal eventjes wachten vooraleer ik hem bezoek. Maar wat koperen dingetjes: die gaan met mij mee naar huis.

  10. 't Zal inderdaad suuuperdruk zijn. Bij de & Other Stories ook die op dezelfde dag opengaat. Ik ben er nog niet helemaal uit of ik na de les de drukte wil trotseren of liever een paar dagen wacht :p ben benieuwd om te zien wat je dan uiteindelijk gekocht hebt!


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