Essie Professional Routine (Chinchilly)

If you were wondering what's been on my nails for the entire month of March, I'm about to show you right now. Now this may not se...

Essie professional routine Chinchilly First Base Good to Go

If you were wondering what's been on my nails for the entire month of March, I'm about to show you right now. Now this may not seem very exciting except I usually change the colour once or twice a week when I give myself an at-home manicure. The nail polish you see on the left - Chinchilly by Essie - is quite an interesting shade. I can't get enough of it!

The last time I visited my local drugstore, they had boxes full of Essie nail polishes on offer, with discounts ranging from 30% to even 70% off. So yeah... I got lost in excitement for a few minutes and bought a bunch of polishes while the price had dropped. The top coat I had been using before had become thick and sticky so it was in need of replacement and I am always looking for good base coats, because apparently each one I buy goes bad way too soon. I was glad to pick up this Professional Routine manicure set which contains 3 minis (each 5ml): a base coat, a coloured nail varnish and a top coat.

First Base base coat is a primer that will help nail polish last longer and prevent the colour from transferring on the nails. It has a thin consistency and I find it dries fast. One thing I am missing in this base coat - I'm guessing that's because it is so thin? - is that it doesn't create a smooth surface to apply a nail polish on top.
Chinchilly is somewhere between grey and brown; I can't exactly put my finger on it. The nail polish goes on smoothly and even. Two thin coats will give an opaque finish. The lasting power depends: I've had it last for 3-4 days before chipping, and other times I could peel the polish off the entire nail on the second day. For some funny reason that always happens while showering. Baring in mind that my nails are currently in bad condition, I'm assuming it's just bad luck that the polish comes off. (Or has anyone else noticed the same thing when using Essie polishes?)
Finally, the top coat. From everything I've written above you wouldn't get th impression, but Good To Go is my favourite one in this set! It has a fast-drying formula, makes the nails stronger and gives them a beautiful shine. I use this with the new fast-drying nail drops by Bourjois (I will post a review on that soon!). No doubt I will be purchasing a full-size bottle after I finish this. It's great!

It's great that Essie polishes come in a complete manicure set, especially when they are of good quality like these ones! The mini size gives customers the chance to try polishes for a shorter period before buying a full-size bottle. The Professional Routine set is also available with other shades than Chinchilly. Plus, I like them because I know I can finish these - no more having to throw away big bottles of nail polish because they have gone bad!

What's your most-loved nail polish of the moment?

PS. Oh the irony of this post's introduction - I wrote it a few days ago and yesterday when I was doing my manicure I fancied a change! Currently on the nails: Essie Lilacism. The question is: for how long... ;)

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  1. I literally just got this! Loved reading this review and definitely taking a long & hot bath tomorrow :) xo Naomi in Wonderland


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