Little things that make me happy, pt. 2

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You know those random moments when you either feel all warm and mushy inside, OR you end up jumping out of excitement, because of something that's happened? I am currently in the first state as I was just organizing a photo book with pictures from my time in Finland last year. (I swear I will do anything to put off studying...) I can't believe it's been five months already since I stepped on a plane back to Belgium. But I love that I now have a book that I can leaf through from time to time and show to friends. Totally beats online photo albums if you ask me, so when I shove the book into their hands I'll just ignore they've all seen the pictures on Facebook... Following up on this post which I wrote while I was abroad, I've listed a few more feel-good things in life.

s washing your face at the end of the day. Best. feeling. ever.
s going to buy something you’ve wanted for a while and finding out it’s on sale
s when you come home and your pets are excited to see you
s finding money in the side pocket of your wallet when you thought you only had a few euros left (THIS GENUINELY MAKES ME HAPPY U GUYS, don't judge)
s feeling the sun's heat on your face
s campfires
s a perfect manicure
s arriving to a meeting right on time
s chocolate croissants
s swapping your winter coat for a lighter jacket in spring. But also the other way around in autumn.
s freshly washed makeup brushes
s spontaneous hugs

Do you agree? What are your random feel-good moments?

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  1. Finding money: YES! Especially if it's like 5-20 euros or so, best surprise ever. It's like past me thought it'd be cool for future me to find money at random haha

    xx Naomi in Wonderland

  2. Haha, so true! The funny thing is this happens way more than I'd expect, but I'm not complaining :D

  3. Oh yes, anything chocolatey is instant happiness :-) And yeah, there is nothing like feeling the warm spring and summer sun on your skin.

  4. Haha yup I bet! So good. I once found 50 euros on the train. Best. Day. Ever.

  5. !! I was literally so happy when I finally had my vacation photos from Europe printed because it's just so nice to get physical copies of photos! Annnnnd of course, you can hang them up everywhere/anywhere to show them off ;)

    SPEAKING OF BUYING THINGS ON SALE: I've been wanting this $110 throw/blanket from Anthropologie for months, and I FINALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEKEND ON SALE!!! It was $50, so I basically saved $60!! MUCH EXCITE (for reference, the minimum wage here is $11/hr). I like coming home...BECAUSE AT LEAST MY DOG LOVES ME ;-;

    One of the reasons why I hide money around the house is to make future Vanessa happy. Good job, past + present Vanessa.


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