Summer lovin': Lips & Cheeks

We are now halfway through Summer (I can't believe I'm saying this) and I thought it was about time I'd show you my makeup pic...

lipstick YSL Bourjois Maybelline Clarins

We are now halfway through Summer (I can't believe I'm saying this) and I thought it was about time I'd show you my makeup picks for the months of June and July. This time I'm focusing on lips and cheeks! I haven't worn a lot of foundation lately. Instead I slapped on a good amount of moisturiser or a serum each morning to keep my skin hydrated for a day at work, where I was hiding from the heat wave we had a few weeks ago while preventing my skin to dry out from the airconditioning inside the building. To make my complexion more healthy-looking, I wore blush pretty much every day. To top off my summer look, I added a lip gloss or lipstick for a (subtle) pop of colour and extra hydration.

L-R: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 'Corail Incandescent', Maybelline Color Elixir 'Rose Redefined', Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 'Frambourjoise', Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 'Candy Shimmer'

I've had the Maybelline and Clarins lip glosses in my bag pretty much all Summer. I like these because they are easy to apply on the go; no mirror needed. They leave a subtle wash of colour and have a glossy finish. Frambourjoise, however, is a matte liquid lipstick which I like because it doesn't feel drying on the lips, plus the bright shade is perfect for this season. Sometimes when I'm not feeling the matte finish I do cheat a little and apply a lip balm or gloss on top. My last and favourite pick is a bright coral lipstick by YSL. The formula can be built up to an opaque finish, but I usually wear it as a stain. YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks are super hydrating- I love them!

blush Natural Collection Essence Maxfactor swatches

L-R: Natural Collection 'Peach Melba', Essence Silky Touch Blush 'Adorable', MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush 'Lovely Pink'

As I was gathering the products for this blog post I realised I have been using more powder formulas this season than I usually do! I like to bronze my complexion with... yep, a powder. And then there's blush, which as you can see I'm keeping fairly simple shade-wise. 'Adorable' is one I had lying around for years (I am not even exaggerating!) and I can't believe I hadn't used it at all until recently. It's seriously pigmented so I make sure to apply just a tiny bit on my cheeks. MaxFactor released new blushes earlier this year and they are awesome! 'Lovely Pink' is a bright pink with a hint of coral. The shimmer, which you can see very well in the picture, translates into a beautiful glow on the cheeks. Last but not least, the blush by Natural Collection is my latest makeup purchase from when I went to Ireland. It's a peach hue that looks subtle on my cheeks. It brings life into my fair complexion and I don't feel the need to contour or bronze when I'm wearing this.

There is one more (multi-purpose) makeup product I wanted to talk about, but since I've enjoyed using it so much over the past few weeks it deserves a post of its own. Stay tuned & find out what it is soon!

What makeup products have you been loving?

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  1. The MaxFactor blush looks like one I'd absolutely LOVE!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  2. Oh noes, don't remind me we are already halfway through summer! That's a little sad!

    Sadness aside, these are beautiful picks! Question tho: do powder blushes last if you don't wear foundation? When I really want to slack off, I tend to reach for a cream formula instead ;)

  3. I just came to the realization that by the time I get back from honeymoon it'll be autumn, or at least almost autumn. Yikes! Great summer picks though!

  4. Sorry about that :( Actually, blush never really lasts on me for some reason, even if I'm wearing foundation. Sometimes I apply a bit more during the day, but when I'm at work I don't care that much. There is one (liquid!) formula by Josie Maran that's impressed me lately and that one does seem to last longer!

  5. It's a great product! That glowy finish <3

  6. Aww. So much to look forward to, though! Good thing we still have a few weeks of summer to enjoy :)

  7. Summer is actually almost ending but, lately it feels like it already has in Belgium! :( YSL Rouge Volupte has an amazing formula that it has to be one of my favourites. Lovely pink you have there. Also intrigued about Essence, well other than their nail polishes I couldn't get to try out anything good yet, as the Kruidvat here doesn't do well stocking-wise! :D Will be looking out for "Adorable"- looks really nice on the swatches.

    Elif x

  8. great products....loved the ysl lipstick.....

  9. Your skin is good enough for you to skip foundation??? WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE. YOUR SKIN IS TOO GOOD FOR THE REST OF US MERE MORTALS U.U

    Essence's 'Adorable' is such a pretty pink shade (though I rarely wear mine because I'm not a fan of pink blushes--soz, 'Adorable'!) and ugh, what I would do to get my hands on those Max Factor blushes. The Natural Collection swatch is my favourite of the bunch--I need more peachy blushes in my stash!

  10. Whoa, when did I say my skin is good enough to skip foundation? :o It isn't at all! But sensitive skin + wearing foundation all day in 30°C = worse skin so...

    You don't have the MaxFactor blushes in Canada? SHOCK!! I hope they'll bring them in stores there soon, because those blushes are beautiful! The Natural Collection one was like 3 euros, such a bargain for a good blush like that :D

  11. Good choice of lippies! Looks like we have similar tastes ;-)


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