When in Berlin: A roundup in pictures

At the end of October a friend and I hopped on a plane to spend the weekend in Berlin! This little getaway couldn't have come at a bet...

Berlin Brandenburger Tor travel

At the end of October a friend and I hopped on a plane to spend the weekend in Berlin! This little getaway couldn't have come at a better timing, as we were dying to get away from our busy schedules for a couple days. We were both excited to roam the streets of this beautiful city, ready to stumble upon some of the many hotspots it has to offer, but also leaving time to explore its famous landmarks. Berlin is truly amazing and I'm actually very lucky to return soon and have the chance to learn even more about its stories and culture. I mean, we discuss history and society in our German cultural history classes at university, but actually being in Berlin, picking up the atmosphere that lives amongst its citizens, is so different. For now, here's a quick picture roundup with some highlights of my latest trip!

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My absolute favourite moment during this trip was when we approached Brandenburger Tor (seen on the picture above) just as the sun set-- well, it was only like 5 PM, but still. On our quest to visit some of the most important monuments in Berlin, we had rushed all the way from Checkpoint Charlie to get there before the dark, somehow took the wrong subway, rushed along the long promenade that connects the gate and Museumsinsel (museum island) and then when we finally arrived, this is what we saw. It was pretty magical. After enjoying the view for a few minutes, we moved on to the Holocaust monument, a field filled with concrete blocks of all different sizes to commemmorate the suffering and losses the Jewish community endured in the Second World War . As I walked all alone and in complete silence inbetween the large blocks, I felt impressed, particularly with how the red glow of the sky contrasted the darkness of the concrete 'alleys' inside the monument. This place is definitely a must-see when you go to Berlin.

Berlin travel Gendarmenmarkt East Side Gallery Treptower Park

Earlier on that same busy afternoon we were on the hunt for Ritter Sport, a chocolate brand based in Germany. A friend asked me to bring some of their delicious products, so obviously I couldn't resist and bought a small supply of honey & salted almond flavoured chocolate (*click*) to get me through the winter. Right around the corner of the shop, there's Gendarmenmarkt, where you can see the famous German (seen on the upper right picture) and French Protestant churches facing each other on each side of the square, with the concert hall (Konzerthaus Berlin) inbetween. This square is one of my favourite places in Berlin. The architecture of these buildings is breathtaking.

We started our last full day in Berlin with a good ol' morning walk! A while back I had read about Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in the middle of the city, on tjoolaard.be. It's located right next to Treptower Park, which was only a five-minute train ride away from our hostel so no harm in having a look. We ended up having the best time! Berlin is absolutely beautiful in the Fall time. (The two pictures on the left were taken there.) Last but not least, the final picture was taken near East Side Gallery. It is one of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall and stretches 1.3 kilometres along the Spree river. After visiting the gallery, we randomly decided to explore the borough north of the river, Friedrichshain, and quickly found out there are tons of cool bars and alternative shops there - I'm definitely stopping by again next time!

Have you ever been to Berlin?

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  1. your photos are so beautiful! I haven't been to Berlin in ages but I love this city :)

    Ana | Zoella Beauty Giveaway www.anacelinelabod.com

  2. Thank you! :) Berlin left quite an impression on me. It's such a dynamic city even despite its recent history- I can see why so many people love it!

  3. Oh nice! I went to Berin in November but it rained all day. We went to the Brandenburger tor as well. Berin is so beautiful! The parks are amazing as wel! The sunset picture is really beautiful!

  4. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed your time in Berlin too :)

  5. Dat ziet er super tof uit! Ik ben helemaal nog niet in Berlijn geweest en hoorde altijd dat het niet zo'n mooie stad is maar ik vind dat je toch erg mooie foto's hebt.

  6. Goh ja en nee, je ziet nog goed de overblijfselen van de tijd dat Berlijn in tweeën gedeeld was, maar er zijn zeker ook veel mooie plekjes te vinden! De mooi(st)e gebouwen vind je vooral in het centrum. Ik denk eigenlijk dat je er vooral moet gaan voor de geschiedenis en het uitgaansleven :)

  7. I love absolutely love Berlin, and happy to hear that you had a great time there. I was there couple of years ago for NYE and it was a bit too crazy, so I want to go back this time for normal Berlin haha! Speaking of Ritter Sport, which is one of my favourite German chocolates, did you actually go to the "factory", where you get your chocolate custom made? I thought I was going to faint out of sheer excitement and I don't even remember exactly what I got but it was a ridiculous combination of Haribo among with other things haha!

  8. Wait, no we didn't?! I need to look up where that is ASAP for when I'm back this month. Getting custom made chocolate seems so much fun!

  9. That's awesome - lucky you, hope you can give it a go (don't let the huge queue get to you- it's so worth the wait) ;)

  10. Ben zelf nog nooit in Berlijn geweest, dus ik kan er zelf niet over meespreken. Iets voor op de to do in the future lijst. Leuke foto's wel!


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