Autumn/Winter wardrobe staples

As I'm writing this we are halfway through the Winter season, yet here in Belgium we have actually had mild weather conditions for this...

Autumn and Winter wardrobe staples

As I'm writing this we are halfway through the Winter season, yet here in Belgium we have actually had mild weather conditions for this time of year. Well, depending on what you'd consider as typical Winter weather. I'll oversee the fact that I unsuspectedly walk into rainstorms all the time (that's what you get when you live in Belgium), but overall there's not much reason to complain. Not only is this the ideal season to plan cosy evenings in, choosing outfits is so much easier when it's colder outside, yet not so much that you're freezing. Although I do like to dress in knit jumpers and jeans all year round, I have a selection of wardrobe staples that are my absolute musthaves for a combination of casual and comfy during Autumn and Winter.

Starting with outerwear: My collection of coats and jackets has substantially grown the past few years. I definitely have a fixed style when it comes to this part of my wardrobe. On cold and/or rainy days I'll opt for a warm parka coat, while my trusty leather jacket from Mango and a big scarf will do for warmer days.

If you ask me to describe my perfect outfit, there's a 99% chance it'll include knitwear -- the extra 1% is just to build the suspense, ya know. I've had to rearrange my wardrobe multiple times to make room for yet another cute jumper I found on offer... or not. I've been living in the cream/white cardigan you see on the upper left for months on end. Fluffiest, warmest cardigan ever. Who wouldn't want to wear it all the time?

Autumn and Winter wardrobe staples

Like my outfits, I keep accessories simple. There are a number of items I'll wear over and over again simply because they are too pretty not to show them off, but overall I'll keep it minimal. Pictured are my Mango handbag - I scored it in the sale last year and it might just be my best find ever, I take it everywhere since I bought it - H&M beanie and Pieces scarf which has grey stripes on one side and a burgundy tartan print on the other so I guess it counts as a 2-in-1. I don't wear jewelry that often anymore. When I do it's usually a dainty ring or a necklace; my most worn piece is a gorgeous silver watch from ASOS though. This one was a pain to get a hold of; I remember mentioning it in a wishlist ages ago, but it was always sold out!

I know I just said I love knitwear, but I wear normal tops too, okay! I like the classic striped top, and my plaid flannel shirt from H&M has been a popular wardrobe choice, as well. Lately I've been liking silk tops and shirts too. They're such a comfortable fabric to wear at any time of the year really.

Yep, I've saved the best for last. While my shoe collection is fairly modest and might be considered as monotonous by some people, it's a part of my wardrobe that gets me excited every day! Random thought: If I were to win the lottery, the sneaker store is probably the first place I'd go to -- that or the pizza place, I'm still undecided. Nike is always a good choice; I currently have a thing for Air Max Thea's (first picture), plus I recently got a good deal on a new pair of Air Max 1 Essentials (second picture) and can't wait to wear them! When I'm not rocking the sneaker look, I'll opt for black army-style boots or a pair of classic Vans.

What does your go-to winter outfit look like?

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  1. Leuke items!! En ben fan van de vosjes <3

  2. Prachtige horloge! Ik vind het eigenlijk best wel jammer dat we zo'n milde winter gehad hebben ja, mijn nieuwe Uggs zijn dit jaar nog niet uit de doos geweest.

  3. Je horloge is inderdaad echt prachtig!
    En ik denk dat ik dat topje met die vosjes ook heb, het lijkt er alleszins super hard op! :D
    Leuke items!

  4. Da's zonde! 't Is inderdaad een vreemde winter geweest. Hopelijk krijgen we dan wel een mooie zomer!

  5. Dankjewel! 't Zou inderdaad goed kunnen! Dat topje heb ik ooit bij de Zara gekocht, nog steeds dol op ;)

  6. Love de nikes! Het vosjesbloesje lijkt keihard op eentje van de Sissy Boy die ik al maanden op 't oog heb maar stiekem te duur vind. Jammer dat ik het Zara exemplaar gemist heb!

  7. Oeps, ik ben helemaal vergeten op je reactie te antwoorden, sorry!! Dat topje is ondertussen een drietal jaar geleden... Hopelijk heb je het bloesje (of iets gelijkaardigs) toch kunnen bemachtigen! :)


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