The easiest brow routine with Essence Make Me Brow

Who said having great eyebrows requires a lot of maintenance? If you liked Benefit's bestseller Gimme Brow, then you'll be thrilled...

Essence Make Me Brow gel mascara

Who said having great eyebrows requires a lot of maintenance? If you liked Benefit's bestseller Gimme Brow, then you'll be thrilled to hear that German drugstore brand Essence have released their own interpretation of the tinted brow mascara. Make Me Brow is a brilliant dupe to its popular, high-end sister.

Clearly I'm not the only one who has picked up about the existence of Make Me Brow, because it took me numerous hopeful trips to the drugstore, only to find stock had run out each time, until I finally got hands on the product in Antwerp - halfway across the country, of all places!
(Around two months later, I'm happy to observe Make Me Brow is readily available at most large Kruidvat stores in my hometown.) Still, it was worth the hunt, as it's made my eyebrow routine so much easier. I've changed how I fill in my brows a couple times this past year; my current routine is quick, fool-proof and gives a fantastic, natural-looking result.


1. Every six to eight weeks I dye my eyebrows using Bransus' eyelash&eyebrow dye from Kruidvat. Because my eyebrows are naturally blonde, dyeing them a brown colour gives them more (visible) shape and definition. It also makes filling them in a lot easier as the basic shape's already there!
2. As for my actual day-to-day brow routine, I first apply the Make Me Brow tinted mascara as a base. The tiny spoolie easily coats each hair and gives them a tint that lasts the entire day. The fibers in the product help fill in the brows for a fuller-looking effect. In these aspects, I'm sure Make Me Brow is an almost exact dupe to Benefit's offering, except it's ten times cheaper!
3. After applying Make Me Brow, there are still a couple of gaps in my eyebrows. To fix these and to give my eyebrows a defined look, I use Catrice's Longlasting Brow Definer, a liquid pen that draws soft, thin lines; it's perfect for drawing the outlines of my brows while not looking harsh at all.
4. Finally, I run a clean spoolie through my eyebrows to make sure they don't look too dark or harsh and I add more tinted brow gel or touch up mistakes with the liquid pen where needed.
Easy as that! An eyebrow routine that takes five minutes and looks great.

How do you maintain and/or fill in your brows?

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  1. Easy does it! :-) Zelf gebruik ik een combinatie van potlood (eentje van Rodial op dit moment) en gel (van GOSH).

  2. I admit to being pretty lazy about my brows XD I'll tweeze them weekly and then quickly fill them in with Anastasia's tinted brow gel. I've heard great things about this essence one! I've also heard how supposed to be a great dupe for benefit's brow gel. I'll definitely have to find where they sell essence near me to try it out :) Thanks for the rec!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. Nice! Klinkt ook foolproof :D

  4. Hope you can find it somewhere soon, this one's awesome!

  5. Ik doe elke dag m'n wenkbrauwen super uitgebreid, haha. Heb van mezelf nauwelijks wenkbrauwen over dus moet allerlei kunstwerken bijtekenen :P zo'n gelletje is wel handig!

  6. Wel sterk dat je dat elke dag doet, wow! Dedication :D

  7. Ik ben heel lui als het op mijn wenkbrauwen aan komt. Tot vorig jaar gebruikte ik vooral een transparante gel, ook al had ik potloodjes en dergelijke in huis, haha. Nu ben ik overgeschakeld naar de combi Anastasia Brow Wiz en transparante gel om de haartjes in toom te houden. Nog steeds vrij minimaal, maar het is toch al iets ;-)

  8. Waarom niet he! De Brow Wiz klinkt ook wel superhandig!


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