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Instagram:  @lysclr I have a confession to make... I have been  kind of  very much obsessed with Instagram this year. The photo app offe...

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Instagram: @lysclr
I have a confession to make... I have been kind of very much obsessed with Instagram this year. The photo app offers an incredible variety of material. As it's continuously expanding, I often catch myself browsing for snaps, to catch a glimpse of people's interests and discover talented- both professional and non professional! - photographers every day. While I'm a long-time follower of numerous great beauty accounts, it's mostly pretty lifestyle and travel pictures that hold my attention. I mean, how many red sunsets over a city skyline can I fall in love with? (The answer is: each and every one of them.) Today I'd like to introduce to you some of my latest Instagram discoveries.

Quick, before I list my latest Instagram obsessions, are we Insta-pals? You can find me under the username @lysclrInstagram is such a fun place to document memories. I've been snapping away the past few months and also have a couple fun trips planned later this year, so expect lots of regular updates!


@orionvanessa I like that she sticks to a fixed colour pattern while posting a beautiful variation of travel/lifestyle pictures and portraits. I could just browse through her feed forever.
@livvrh Liv is so, so gorgeous. I'm mesmerised by her stunning makeup looks and like the cute snippets of her life she shares on her feed.
@joythielemans Joy might be best known for her role in one of Belgium's most popular TV shows, but besides her career on the screen, she uses Instagram to share fragments of trips and things she loves.
@rodrigosoutobueno Floral tattoos are clearly this tattoo artist's trademark, they're just so beautiful! Wishing I could have a floral arm sleeve like that. I just might one day.
@rubenhughes Ruben captures the most beautiful landscapes! For some reason, his pictures evoke a feeling of serenity. (Cool artsy analysis there, Lys.)
@dantom More genius landscape shots. I love how this photographer plays with light and colours in his pictures. 
@kattenapollo Possibly the prettiest cat ever.

Who are your top Instagram discoveries?

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  1. Check out @frenchiebutt! SUCH A CUTIE PIE.

  2. Leuk!! Altijd tof om inspiratie op te doen! IS ook mijn favoriete app <3

  3. Ik browse ook graag door Instagram - een heel aantal van de accounts die jij opnoemde, kende ik nog niet. Instagram gebruik ik ook om meer fashion te volgen, daar waar ik bij blogs misschien meer naar de beauty neig.


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