Sugar Sugar Gift Set from Lush Cosmetics

Spring has arrived in Belgium, which means it's the perfect time to write about something colourful and fun! My mind was blown when I...

Lush Cosmetics Sugar Sugar gift set Pink Flamingo bubble bar

Spring has arrived in Belgium, which means it's the perfect time to write about something colourful and fun!

My mind was blown when I was surprised with a huge weird-shaped box from Lush Cosmetics. Sugar Sugar (cue the Archies song... You are my candy giiiirlis a colourful box, wrapped in a purple bow and full of sweet treats for the skin. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. For some reason, the abstract pattern reminds me of optical illusions. Anyone else see it? The box has been displayed on my desk since I got it last year, and makes a great place to store any new bath bombs and bubble bars I've added to my collection since then.

Lush Cosmetics Sugar Sugar gift set

The Sugar Sugar gift set treats you to a varied selection of six products; one of which is skincare, the others bath or shower products. Four products in this box are full-size, which I think is awesome.

Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar (full-size) "Birds of a feather"
The first product we'll be discussing is my favourite in this gift set. Pink Flamingo is best used by being held under a running tap or by swishing it back and forth in the bath water, which tints the bath a bright pink and releases large candy scented bubbles. It is packed with uplifting ingredients, such as ylang ylang and rosewood, and softening butters. The bubble bar is reusable, making the price-quality balance for this product more than fair. I really like this one because not only is the flamingo shape adorable, the sweet aroma always lifts my mood.
Creamy Candy bubble bar (full-size) "Bathing confectionery"
This vanilla and cotton candy scented bubble bar is very sweet, so I only use a tiny piece to avoid it from becoming overwhelming. Creamy Candy wouldn't typically be my go-to compared to the other contents of the box, but apart from my personal preference I think it looks very cute! I'm glad I got to try it in this gift set, because it makes my skin so soft! For those with dry, sensitive skin like me, this moisturising bubble bar with almond oil and cocoa butter is a dream.
Beautiful shower gel (100g) "You're as beautiful as you feel"
I try to reserve the Beautiful shower gel for mornings or particular days when I have a hard time concentrating, because its refreshing, fruity perfume helps me wake up. The tiny pieces of shimmer are so much fun too and brighten up the day in an instant. Finally, this travel size version is ideal for trips or the gym. I can definitely see myself using this more regularly during the summer!

Lush Cosmetics Sugar Sugar gift set

Bubblegum lip scrub (full-size) "Sweeten your lips with a touch of candy"
Gift sets are a great way to get your hands on the brand's lip scrub pots, which I find pricy otherwise, and in Sugar Sugar, that is the luscious Bubblegum scrub. I've had one of these before and it's my go-to from the various lip scrubs that Lush offers. The mix of caster sugar and jojoba oil gently buffs the lips and makes them soft and smooth again. A good lip scrub is a must-have; Bubblegum's a fab option!
Maypole soap (100g) "Where dreams meet reality"
Bar soap is the kind of skincare product I would typically avoid since they're often known to dry out or irritate skin. Luckily, many beauty brands have been developing mild formulas that thoroughly moisturise and protect even the most sensitive skin. Lush's Maypole helped me rediscover the quality of solid soaps, thanks to its deliciously scented blend of peppermint oil and Canadian maple syrup - a surprisingly good combination! - and coconut oil to boost hydration. I haven't fully put this product to the test yet, but for now I prefer to use it in the morning because the fresh scent really helps me wake up. I keep a small chunk by the sink too to use as hand soap.
Frozen bath bomb (full-size) "Let it go"
This bath bomb contains the uplifting aroma of neroli and grapefruit oil, complemented with balancing rose oil, which make for the best bath combo when you're feeling a bit under the weather. I love this one; Frozen always makes baths so relaxing.

Will you be giving any of the products in the Sugar Sugar gift set a go?

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  1. Oh, zo leuk!! Die kleurtjes brengen je allemaal toch direct in lentesfeer!

  2. Yes, om helemaal blij van te worden! :D

  3. I haven't tried any of these Lush products, you make me want to have another little visit to a Lush store soon! AND finally spring has arrived here :) I can't wait for longer days to take blog pictures and just finally some sunshine!

  4. Ahh I agree, these sunny days have been giving me life! <3 hope you'll find something you like next time you pay them a visit :D the Easter products look great too.


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